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Low water pressure.

If you have low pressure, please follow the steps below.

To get started, search for incidents in your area.

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Not on the map?

If you can't see the leak on the map above, make the following checks.

If you’ve built an extension to your home, such as; a new kitchen, a bathroom, or shower room, you might experience low water pressure or no water at all.

This can occur because you’ve connected a new water pipe from your existing water supply, to feed into your new extension. It’s very likely that your original pipework isn’t wide enough to cope with the extra demand for water.

Usually, when there’s a greater demand for water, the existing water pipe coming into your property needs to be replaced with a larger one.

You can call this number to talk to the team who can advise you of the next steps:

0800 316 9800

If you have water coming out of your cold kitchen tap, but not into your extension, then the issue is probably with your internal plumbing.

The main water supply normally enters your home in the cold kitchen or utility room tap.

If water comes out of this tap but not elsewhere (such as your shower or bathroom tap), the problem is with your internal plumbing. You may find our list of approved plumbers useful.

Your inside stop valve needs to be fully open. It’s usually located under the kitchen sink, in the airing cupboard or under the floorboards by the front door. If the valve is closed, turn it anti-clockwise to ensure that it is fully open.

If you're unsure on how to find and use your inside stop valve, watch our helpful video and read our tips.

Your outside stop valve also needs to be fully open. Some properties share their water supply with their neighbours so check with your neighbours to see if they have recently used the outside stop valve.

If you're unable to use orlocate the outside stop valve, find out by watching our useful video and reading our tips.

The cold weather can freeze your pipes, making them more likely to expand and burst.

Check visible pipes for damage. If you find a pipe which is frozen, take a look at our useful video for tips on how to treat them.

If possible, check if your immediate neighbours have the same problem.

If there is no issue with their supply, the problem is with your internal plumbing. You may find our list of approved plumbers useful.

If you live in a block of flats, check with the building maintenance, your local authority, or the managing agent of the building for any known internal issues.

If you've completed the above steps without success, it may be a problem we are not aware of. Please call our number to let us know:

0800 316 9800

Textphone service for deaf or hard of hearing:
This service is available for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Voice calls or mobile numbers aren’t accepted via this number:

0800 316 9898