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No water / low pressure

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Our teams continue working to repair the two broken water pipes in the NW2 area, one on Cricklewood Lane and the second on Lichfield Road.

The repair is proving more complex than at first thought and taking longer than normal, we are working to return your supply back to normal as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that the repair will be competed overnight and your supply returned back to normal by tomorrow morning.

You will find bottled water outside the location provided below;


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You can also keep up to date by clicking on our twitter link:

No Water / Low pressure

Last updated.

If you have no water or low pressure tonight, it’s likely to only be temporary whilst we look for leaks.


We actively look for leaks to try and prevent bursts from happening and to reduce wastage. Whilst looking for leaks we also check that all of our equipment works as expected.


Sometimes we have to turn some valves on and off to monitor the flow of water, allowing us to find any leaks.


Tonight we’re working in:


E2, E3, E4, E6, E9, E14, IG10, N17, NW2, NW4, NW8, TW2, TW12, W7, W8, W9, W11, W14, WC2 and WC2H.